My Favorite Digital Marketing Training Courses & Certifications For Freelancers Who Want To Win More Clients And Charge Higher Prices In 2022

Hi marketing nerds,

Looking to "level up" your digital marketing freelance career this year? Consider getting a new certification!

Here's a list of my favorite digital marketing trainings and certifications for freelancers who want to 1) win more clients and 2) charge higher prices:
My favorite thing about this list is that most of these trainings are free. They won't cost you a dime. Just a little bit of study time and some nervous sweats during the exam (just me? oh...)

Go out and get certified! Don't forget to add your new skills to your LinkedIn.

Have a prosperous year.

Reuben D. Rock

P.S. - if you know of any digital marketing trainings or certifications that deserve to be on this list, please let me know in the comments. Especially free ones! I may add your suggestions to a future update of this post.

Here are a few suggestions I've gotten already:
  • Clickminded mini-courses (for Clickminded SOP members only)
  • BMM / Exact Campaign Structure by PPC Samurai


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