If you don’t talk about it, it’s not real…

Something I’ve observed lately: If you don’t talk about it, it’s not real. What I mean is that people only know what you tell them… or what they hear, read, or watch about you. See, if you’re like most people, you don’t have any press following you around. Nobody is writing a blurb about your latest moves… business or personal. You’ve got to be your own press. You’ve got to spread your own rumors. Quick story… At a recent event in Las Vegas, I was struck by how little my mentor knew about the businesses I’ve run in the last 15 years. But it’s really not his fault - I’ve never told him about those businesses! He’s never seen the websites… He’s never read the copy… He never saw the offers at all. So to him… none of that existed! When I mentioned one of the websites at a cocktail party, he looked at me and said “I had no idea you did that!” Now - I DID NOT take offense to this. Naturally. My mentor (he’s my main mentor, but not necessarily my only one) is a towering figure in the marketin

Lost In Client Work... 02/18/2022

Happy Friday. If you're like me, you start the week with a plan. Then somewhere around 9:37am on Monday morning, your 1st fire of the week ignites. It's a quick one - you put it out in no time. That's when the next fire starts. But Monday afternoon rolls into Tuesday, and next thing you know - your plan for the week is out the window. That's the reality of client work! Things come up. Your clients pay you to be "on call" in many cases. They pay you to prioritize their needs. Sometimes your clients need more help. For me, that time is winter. I work with a lot of service biz owners (carpet cleaners, maids, rug cleaners). In the winter, some of these businesses are pretty slow. You might think, "then they don't need marketing in winter! Take a vacation." You'd be wrong. While these service biz owners don't tend to increase their ad budgets during the winter months, they do tend to start "tweaking things." The smart ones are fixing

The Daily Grind - 02/14/2022

How's life? Hope you're enjoying the daily grind. Last time we talked, I was "building a better mousetrap" (redesigning my main money $$$ site). That project is finally wrapping up! You can check it out at There are some finishing touches left to add: I worked on a chatbot script last week, so I'll be adding the bot to my site today or tomorrow Also need to update the offer on my exit pop-up And update my Google Analytics goals to match the new conversion events Outside of those last steps... my site is ready for traffic! A little backstory: I've owned the company "SearchParty Marketing LLC" in some form since 2014. It started as an agency in Washington, D.C. I helped other agency service their Google Ads clients for a while. In 2014, I bought a carpet cleaning franchise and took a little detour in my career. I spent a couple years growing my carpet cleaning biz and meeting other cleaners. They started to ask me questions.

Building a Better Mousetrap (Redesigning My Website)

Good grief, it's nearly the end of January already! If you're anything like me, you are struggling to make real progress towards your goals. Sure, you've gotten "a lot done" this year. But it's mostly been client work. That doesn't truly move your business forward - it just keeps you happily spinning in place. I get it, things come up. Especially when you are freelancing. But for me... it's time to get down to business. It's time to build a better mousetrap . Of course, I'm not actually building mousetraps - and you probably aren't either. Here's what I mean: if you run a business that relies on finding new clients & signing them up for services... your website is a potentially powerful "mousetrap" for your business. Well the current mousetrap for my company SearchParty Marketing really sucks . My website was left to die in March 2021. I pulled the offers down, added a "waitlist" for any cleani

My 2-Desk Setup For YouTube, Google Meet, Zoom, etc (Plus A Note About Cable Management)

While I can technically "work from anywhere" (digital nomad here!), I spend a lot of time in my home office. That's why my desk is so important to me. Over the years, I've tweaked my desk setup over and over again. I'm constantly in search of "the perfect desk" setup for a marketer who: Manages Google Ads & Facebook Ads all day Builds Wordpress website & landing pages Writes blog posts, video outlines, copy for landing pages, emails, & more Attends lots of Google Meets & Zoom calls Prefers pro quality audio (mic and speakers) at all times Makes YouTube videos (and watches too many YouTubers with absolutely gorgeous sets) I've tried big desks, little desks, short desks, tall desks... Same with lamps, keyboards, mice, and trackpads. Computers even! Desktops, laptops, and tablets. Speakers, webcams, monitors, oh my... Honestly, I need to stop shopping on Amazon. Jeff Bezos is rich enough . But 2022 is the year I finally get my shit toget

My Favorite Digital Marketing Training Courses & Certifications For Freelancers Who Want To Win More Clients And Charge Higher Prices In 2022

Hi marketing nerds, Looking to "level up" your digital marketing freelance career this year? Consider getting a new certification! Here's a list of my favorite digital marketing trainings and certifications for freelancers who want to 1) win more clients and 2) charge higher prices: Improve your career (all courses by Google) Google Workspace Work From Anywhere Succeed in the Workplace Advance Your Career by Google Start (or grow) a business Advance Your Business by Google Google Analytics Google Analytics for Beginners  << everyone should do this Individual Qualification  << everyone should do this, too GA4 training courses << get ready for the next big thing Advanced Google Analytics Google Analytics for Power Users Google Tag Manager Fundamentals  certification Google My Business (now GBP) certification Google Ads certifications Search << everyone should do this, even if you don't run ads Display Shopping << if you want to run ads t

Goal Setting For The New Year? Here's How I Do It...

Today I want to show you how I set & accomplish goals every year in a low pressure way that's easy to track... My 2022 Goals First, here are my goals for 2022 (see if you can find them in this busy screenshot! 😜): Side Note: Why I Love Apple Notes For Setting Goals You'll notice I keep my yearly goals in a note pinned to the top of my Apples Notes app. I love Notes because it syncs across all my devices (iPhones, iPad, Macbook Air, Mac Mini) so I can access my goals anytime, anywhere. I also like the "checklists" feature because it gives me a satisfying feeling to "check off" my goals from the list all year. You can use whatever you're comfortable with. More important than where you write your goals, you're probably wondering... How Many (And What Kind Of) Goals Should You Set? I recommend setting between 5-10 goals for the year. You may find that's too few or too many. You can adjust in year 2. I have 14 total goals for the year. That may b