My 2-Desk Setup For YouTube, Google Meet, Zoom, etc (Plus A Note About Cable Management)

While I can technically "work from anywhere" (digital nomad here!), I spend a lot of time in my home office.

That's why my desk is so important to me.

Over the years, I've tweaked my desk setup over and over again. I'm constantly in search of "the perfect desk" setup for a marketer who:

  • Manages Google Ads & Facebook Ads all day
  • Builds Wordpress website & landing pages
  • Writes blog posts, video outlines, copy for landing pages, emails, & more
  • Attends lots of Google Meets & Zoom calls
  • Prefers pro quality audio (mic and speakers) at all times
  • Makes YouTube videos (and watches too many YouTubers with absolutely gorgeous sets)
I've tried big desks, little desks, short desks, tall desks...

Same with lamps, keyboards, mice, and trackpads. Computers even! Desktops, laptops, and tablets. Speakers, webcams, monitors, oh my...

Honestly, I need to stop shopping on Amazon. Jeff Bezos is rich enough.

But 2022 is the year I finally get my shit together.

It's time for 2 desks. (LOL! I know you weren't expecting me to say that)

Two desks sounds a little ridiculous. But I have a couple reasons for putting 2 whole desks in my little home office here in Seattle:

  • I have a lot of computers, and they don't all fit on one desk
  • I like to switch from standing up to sitting down. Sure, I could get a powered standing desk. But that would be TOO logical
  • When I shoot webcam videos at my big desk, my pretty little "wall desk" is in the background. It makes for a nice YouTube background (let’s be real… this is my main reason for having 2 desks)
  • My wife has a spot she can "cowork" with me when she's tired of sitting on the other side of the house
Without further delay, here are my TWO desk setups...

(plus a short list of what's on each desk... with revenue generating affiliate links. I am a marketer, after all ;)

One tall desk (Ikea dining table I've had for years):

Reuben's "tall desk"

    Wall desk (Rolanstar desk w/shelves from Amazon):

    That's it! Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my desk setups.

    Reuben D. Rock

    P.S. - I love my new cable management trays. They made a huge difference in my office. I hated the big nest of cables hanging from my desk. Plugs and surge protectors everywhere. What a mess.

    The cable management trays I got from Amazon were a huge upgrade. Check it out:


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