Google Ads Offering $500 Ad Credits Starting In February 2022

Attention Business Owners,

If you're thinking of a starting a new Google Ads campaign soon... your timing couldn't be better!

Starting in February 2022, you can receive a $500 ad credit when you sign up for a new Google Ads account.

Here is the official announcement I received from the Google Partners program yesterday:

To qualify:

  • You must sign up for a NEW Google Ads account via a qualified Google Partner
  • You must spend $500 in order to receive the $500 ad credit (remember... you'll first spend $500. Then Google will give you a credit toward the next $500 in ad spend)
  • Hurry, because this offer is only valid in February & March of 2022

Don't know a Google Partner? Now you do! Visit to book a discovery call today.

Here's what happens on a discovery call:

  • We'll spend time talking about your business, website, and goals
  • I'll ask about your experience with paid advertising. If you've never run ads before, that's okay!
  • If Google Ads is a good fit for you, I'll send you a proposal to create your Google Ads account & management it each month
  • If you accept my proposal, I will build a Google Ads campaign to drive leads, calls, online bookings, or eCommerce sales for your business
  • You'll receive Google's $500 ad credit (assuming you met all the qualifications above)
That's it!

There is no obligation. If you or I don't feel like Google Ads is a good fit for your business, we can end our conversation right there.

No hard feelings. No hard sells.

Just a good, old fashioned conversation between you (smart business owner) and me (passionate advertising pro with 15+ profitable years running ads on Google).

I hope to speak with you soon.

Reuben D. Rock

P.S. - Remember, the $500 ad credit is only available in February and March of 2022. So don't wait. Book your Google Ads discovery call before Google reduces the ad credit amount!


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