My Chatbot Gets 50 Leads A Month For Free | Why I Love "Charlie" My Collect.Chat Bot

I've been using this little known tool called Collect Chat to get leads for myself and my clients for years.

You might think it's just a normal chatbot, but "Charlie" (that's what I like to call him) is way different...

This chatbot is basically a fancy lead form disguised as live chat!

Now most savvy users will recognize that they are not chatting with a live person. But still, you would be surprised at how often people click this chatbot and engage with it.

I can program Charlie to ask a specific set of questions. During his conversation, he'll capture a name, email address, phone number, or anything else you want from your leads. Then when the conversation is over, you get an email notification with all the lead information (or integrate with your CRM).

This works for all kinds of businesses. Like seriously... it only kinda works for everybody!

I love using it for my local clients' websites. Imagine how much a local carpet cleaner or maid will love you when you can get them more leads from the same old website just by sticking some guy named "Charlie" in the bottom right corner.

BTW - you don't have to call your chatbot Charlie, you can name it whatever you want. And you can place it wherever you want on your site.

Sign up for a free Collect Chat account here: 

FTC disclosure: I use affiliate links that may result in me receiving a commission if you make a purchase :)


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