How A Recording School Dropout Became A Successful Google Ads Consultant By "Copying" Infamous Marketing Guru

Dear friend,

Believe it or not, I've been running ads on Google since 2006. 

It all started when I dropped out of recording studio school & got a job working for this dude named Perry for $9/hr...

Perry asked me to set up some microphones in his new recording studio (which was really just an empty space in the back of a strip mall). Apparently he hadn't heard I was dropping out of recording school, because he hired me anyways.

Anyways, he asked me to set up these microphones so he could record some information products.

I had no idea what an "info product" was at the time, but what happened next surprised the hell out of me...

Perry started recording these info products - which were really just mp3 files - and I started editing them.

It turns out Perry was some sort of genius marketing guru… and he was recording all of his best secrets for making money on the internet.

But not like the normal “get rich quick” garbage you saw on late night TV back in those days (remember the Rich Jerk?). Perry had real knowledge to offer, like how to import products from China and make a boatload of money selling them before they even arrived in the United States.

So why was he recording all of these closely guarded secrets? So he could sell them to his friends, fans, followers, and anybody else who was interested in making money on the internet.

Long story short - I listened to every word Perry had to say on those products & took notes.

Next, I found out who Perry learned from…

Every time he mentioned a book, I wrote it down and then read it.

Then I got to work...

At first it felt like stealing!

I created my first website, wrote all the copy just like I learned from Perry, and stuck a Paypal "buy now" button at the bottom of the page.

Then I built my 1st ever Google AdWords campaign.

(Remember, this is back in the mid-2000's. Google Ads was still called Google AdWords back then, and almost nobody knew how it worked)

But I had Perry's recordings to guide me...

When my first ad campaign went live, I was more nervous than I'd ever been in my life. What if it doesn't work? What if I waste all my money on these ads? What if I go broke?

That fear quickly gave way to excitement as my first eCommerce sales started to trickle in...

One sale.

Two sales.

Three sales...

TEN sales!


I was in business. All thank to Perry's recordings (along with a bunch of other marketers - too many to list here) and some simple ads on Google...

And now that I look back on it, that fear was totally irrational. Clicks were so cheap in 2006 almost anybody could make money if they had just HEARD of Google Ads!

Fast forward 15+ years...

I've been making a living from the internet ever since I met Perry.

I've built more websites than I can remember.

And I've spent millions & millions on Google Ads for myself, my friends, and a handful of lucky consulting clients.

In all those years, I've learned quite a bit...

And you know what?

Google Ads has gotten a lot harder in some ways.

But in other ways that you may not realize yet... it's becoming the easiest and most effective place to get leads, sales, and new customers in human history.

Where else can you tap directly into the things people search for on their smartphone, tablet, or computer every single minute of the day?

"I need a carpet cleaner" << BOOM, a local carpet cleaner can stick an ad in front of that person

"I need my hair done" << BANG, a nearby hair salon pays to show up at the top of Google's search results

"I need more clients for my agency..." << YES, I can even help you with that!

And if you're tired of hearing about Google search, then let me tell you about Google display, video, discover, and custom audiences...

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