The Daily Grind - 02/14/2022

How's life? Hope you're enjoying the daily grind.

Last time we talked, I was "building a better mousetrap" (redesigning my main money $$$ site). That project is finally wrapping up! You can check it out at

There are some finishing touches left to add:

  • I worked on a chatbot script last week, so I'll be adding the bot to my site today or tomorrow
  • Also need to update the offer on my exit pop-up
  • And update my Google Analytics goals to match the new conversion events
Outside of those last steps... my site is ready for traffic!

A little backstory: I've owned the company "SearchParty Marketing LLC" in some form since 2014. It started as an agency in Washington, D.C. I helped other agency service their Google Ads clients for a while.

In 2014, I bought a carpet cleaning franchise and took a little detour in my career.

I spent a couple years growing my carpet cleaning biz and meeting other cleaners. They started to ask me questions. I started to help them in my free time.

By 2018, I was getting paid to help other carpet cleaners with their digital marketing. My client list ballooned to 18 carpet cleaners. Remember... I was still running my own carpet cleaning franchise at this point. Now I had 18 carpet cleaners trusting me with their marketing. This "side hustle" was demanding my attention.

I brought SearchParty Marketing out of retirement, and re-tooled it as a marketing agency for carpet cleaners.

The site ( has been redesigned numerous times over the years. The current iteration is designed to capture leads & bookings from cleaning company owners who need marketing services.

The site receives a little traffic from an old YouTube channel + some blog posts and pages that still rank on Google for longtail keywords.

Now, my site is ready for a traffic boost.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be working on the traffic side of things. Rolling out new blog posts, new YouTube videos, and possibly running some paid ads (I really love display & discovery ads lately).

The beauty of this little business... I don't need much traffic to make a profit.

A handful of leads per month feeds the funnel and grows the business. It's a recurring revenue model (cleaners pay me monthly to manage their site, SEO, and paid traffic), and my retention rates are sky high. A couple of new clients per month is plenty.

So as much as I love running traffic... I don't need a lot. I can't run all the marketing campaigns I want to run, because I would get too many leads.

Too many leads would break down my system. I couldn't build the sites or ad accounts fast enough. Not by myself... (want to help me out? Leave a comment. I'm looking for white label and freelance partners who build Elementor websites).

So there's the update. That's the latest. I'm getting to work on traffic now...

Talk soon,
Reuben D. Rock


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